August 12, 2007


I got allergies! The kind that make you feel like you have a cold. So naturally I tried getting my shift at the gym covered....with no success...So, needless to say I went to work sick! Bummer!

My mom came over for a visit yest,it was great to see her. She brought me some russian medication (cream) for my finger. it is suppose to suck all the crud out of my finger and help it feel better and not be so swollen. it is very stinky but i think it is starting to work. when I bend my finger, I don't think it is hurting as much as before.

Dave is finishing him last day of "night shifts" and starting on monday, we'll be a normal household for another 2 weeks. I hardly got to see him the last two weeks. I felt bad because Dave came home for lunch last night and I was asleep with my allergies and I think I kicked him out of the bedroom...don't remember for sure!

Tonight when I get home at 6pm, I will be pretty much going to bed and catching up on rest and sleep.....

Have a good one everyone!


Laura said...

oh man, I hope you get better soon!!! what happened to your finger? Good thing Dave will be home to take care of you.
Love ya!

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