August 04, 2007


Hmmmmmmm...It's hard to stay awake when you only got 6 hrs of sleep...I need my beauty rest of 8 or 9 hrs...I am spoiled!

Dave came home last night and we had so many things do get done around the house b/c he's been gone for 2 whole weeks. Between yard work and house work, we did not go to bed until midnight....and then i had to go to work!Yuk!

It's OK, my day is going to get brighter soon..I get off work in an 1 1/2 hours and I will go home. My parents are coming over for lunch (that Dave is making for us) Brats with hot dog buns and beans and corn on the cob off the grill... We will then dash over to my sisters to help her out with a few things and to also check out the baby! Also, my friend Monica will be visit me at my sisters b/c she purchased my sisters dining room table and china...

so, My Sat will be full of visits and fun! Tomorrow we are going to Billy and Alannas to grill and swim in the pool! YAY!


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