August 02, 2007


I am very tired this week....i am sure it has a lot to do that I haven't seen Dave in so long..I am having Dave withdraws.

I went to my friend Monica and Mark's house last night, they fed me delicious dinner and then we caught up on all the gossip! Fun!

Work has been crazy. I like it busy, it makes my day go by faster! :)

This weekend I am going to see my sister and my nephew..I ll take a picture of him so everyone can see how much he has grown! My sister is selling her house so anyone interested or know someone interested in a house in Allen, contact me!

Other than that not much is going on...Last night I was awakened by a bloody murder scream of some cat. I was ticked off and I threw the pillow at the blinds and window in hopes that the cat outside will shut up...well he did....when i woke up in the morning and opened the window, I found Elvis sitting in the rose bush outside my bedroom window and waiting until i let him in...He snuck out last night and had him a night out...his first night out outside ever! Yep, he is no longer allowed to do that....I don't even know how he got out...He is SNEAKY SNEAKY!

Love you all,
Olga Foster


Laura said...

LOL!!! The funny thing is I can imagine the look on your face and also you throwing the pillow to the window!!! Silly treats for him!


oohh, don't let Elvis out, it's a mean world out there!

Mary Lou said...

That stupid cat. I wonder how he got out? Abby runs out and then tears the door down to get back in. That's where the phrase 'scaredy cat' came from. They think they are so brave until the wind blows a leaf, and then they panic. I bet the rose bush hurt!