August 17, 2007


Since we haven't seen a rainbow here in forever, I thought I would share my favorite rainbow with you. This picture was taken in Honolulu last Sept (the very 1st picture we took upon our arrival to Hawaii)

Yes, It is friday and I can feel it in the air! Too bad that air is hot and full of pollutants.

Either way, it is Friday and I am excited about the weekend. I have much work to do around the house, btw, that mopping never got done so I will be doing that. Tonight is our grocery shopping night, so I will be busy stocking the fridge and the pantry. Normally David and I do that together but not tonight...Dave and John are having a Bachelor party tonight...I think they are starting at Snuffer's in Rockwall and only God knows where they will actually end up! :) I'll be thinking about them! :) Not, I will be snoozing!

Sat I work as always but it is also our friend Kelly's bday (trooper wife) and we are celebrating by going out to eat! On Sunday we have plans to go to see Billy and Alanna (another trooper & wife) and play water volleyball...

Elvis has received a new nickname yesterday...We call him Elvira alot but yesterday he received a new name from me, Elvirus! Because he is being a pest! ...I think that cat is bi-polar!

Well, I hope everyone is safe this weekend, if you can avoid, stay out of trouble and jail...I'm low on bond money this month! J/K

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