August 30, 2007

It broke again!

It has been a rather productive day! I got a lot accomplished at work and put to rest a couple of problem files...that always makes me feel good!

Our freezer broke again...well...not the freezer...our plug tripped NO MO'!
It is time for a new plug.. Good thing all there was in there this time but a pound of chicken!

Tonight my mom and I are going to Rooms to Go to look for a new mattress...after that...we are off to Town East mall in search of a new comforter...Speaking of comforters, we still have not bought one for our bedroom...Maybe I can look for something tonight. I am not rushing into it, I want it to be perfect and to match our curtains in the bedroom.

My allergies are back, the last few days have not been good to me..I am taking 24 hour Alavert but it looks like I need to try an alternative!

Yesterday we had pouring down rain in Rockwall...It was so heavy and the winds were so strong that we lost power probably around 5 to 10 times within the hour..I was excited because I thought that there would be a good chance that Forney got some rain also...but, I was wrong, Very Wrong! No rain, not a drop!

Well, enough rambling...I shall go back and be productive,

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For allergies - glass of water every morning with a spoon of organic apple cider vinegar in it.
Drink it. repeat at night.

Try it. Let me know after 2 weeks.
It cant hurt even if it does not help.