August 14, 2007

That's some Sirius Fish!

Whew! What a day! I dashed to work to get a few things done and then I went to see a customer of mine in Carthage, TX...About 1/2 hour away from Shreveport... I stayed for a 30 min minute meeting and dashed back to Forney..Finally got home around 6pm...Driving a lot wears me out.

But, tomorrow is another busy day and I must stick it out and suck it up.

On a lighter note, Dave and I did a bit of shopping today...Dave got himself a Sirius radio for his trooper car because he was jealous of my sirius radio in my Jetta. Now he will be commercial free! We also bought a decoration for our kitchen and it is a tribute to all the fisher-people in the Yeremenko and Foster families...Check it out below!

Good Night, Love you all,
Olga & Dave



congrats on the radio Dave!
I am an xm person though.
cool decor!

Laura said...

nice, very nice!!! :0)