May 31, 2007

An uneventful evening!

Good News! My parents started to lay down their new hardwood floors. My dad is doing it all by himself. He is very handy! One room down, and many more to go! :)

And another lovely evening with friends Joann, Monica and Mark! We did not do anything really productive yesterday! However, we did go through the house and found all the garage sale items and gave them to Monica for the Crandall ISD garage sale. Our garage is now relatively clean!

We made our rounds with the neighbors last night. We dropped off all the birthday invitations in their mailboxes and visited with Jody and Kelly and Mike and Jaime. Jaime has a new puppy, a chow but Beans did not care for Mr. Miagi (sp?). I think he was too fluffy for her! She probably could not see where Mr. Miagi starts and where he ends.... :) He was all the same! So cute!

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