May 25, 2007

My first Blog

I thought I would start a blog to better keep my friends & family informed on
what is going on in my life, and Dave's. I am not much of a blogger
but I will try my best to achieve the goal. The goal is to post something a few
times a week! :)

However, since I am already on a roll.......I might as well express a few things that
I am happy about and not happy about.....

To start on a good note!

We have purchased a hibiscus tree at Lowe's 3 nights ago and re-planted it in a nice pot.
It is doing great b/c it has already spit out 4 Bizkits (flowers) ( I shall call them that, since it sounds like
hibiscus)...Yes Yes Yes....I know that's lame...... I will post a picture of them tomorrow when
I find my camera USB port.

I was going to rant about Capital One Credit Cards but then I decided not to, b/c I don't want
to think about these people anymore today! All I have to Say is that Capital One is Evil! :(

I shall see you guys back tomorrow! :)

1 comment:

Monyka said...

Capital Bank is very very EVIL!! I concur the feeling...