May 27, 2007

Rain, Rain & More Rain!

You know, there is only so much rain I can take before I start getting cranky....For several reasons.

Reason #1. I don't like to drive in the rain & I usually even refuse to drive in the rain unless it is work related so, needless to say I am behind on a few chores and errunds.

Reason #2. My dog will not go outside to tinkle b/c she happens to think she is going to melt.

Reason #3. The grass is growing like crazy even though we mowed 2 days ago....Our yard looks like it hasn't been mowed for a week. I know, most people say..."What, a week, that is nothing!" But, it is something because we are in a competition with the next door neighbor as to whose yard actually looks better....We always win! In fact, our yard is the best looking yard on the whole street! :) So I say!

Reason #4. David has been trying to come home for lunch for the last 2 hours but has not been able to b/c there is a wreck after wreck on I20....

OK, so I am done ranting!

On a lighter note! I did finish cleaning my house. It is sparkling clean, i even vacuumed the drapes in all the bedrooms!

On even a lighter & brighter note! Congratulations to my sister and her husband. They have purchased a fantabulous new vehicle last night for Father's day. They bought a new Infiniti. once i see it, I will be sure to post a picture of it. Congratulations to them!

Also, my nephews 2nd month birthday was yesterday, so Happy Birthday to you to Sasha! (Please see the adorable picture above!)

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