May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

What a nice day! I got to sleep in, clean up the kitchen and arrange my
new plants in my house! I brought about 10 plants from my sisters house
last night b/c she did not want the baby to get a hold of them so I kindly
took them home and made my home their home. They look very nice!

Last night we also had a nice dinner at Derek & Susan's house. Derek cooked us
pork ribs & they were good. Thank you Derek!

This afternoon I went to lunch with my mother in law and sister in law to La Madelines in Rockwall!
As always, I have had my pizza! It was fabulous!

Tonight we are going to enjoy a quiet dinner at my parents house. Dave & I made them
lasagna! Actually I made it and Dave supervised the event! :)

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

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