October 23, 2007


Yesterday, after having a slightly rotten day, my hubby made it all better with a giant pot of hot, steamy, spicy chili! It hit the spot! :) He is such a good cook.

Today was the day I realized and remembered why I paid for seat and back warmers in my car! They sure came in handy and that is also how I survived last winter quiete comfortably!

Today I am taking Beans to the vet for all her yearly shots and tests, she is typically not fond of the vet's office since they do particularly uncomfortable things but nonetheless, maybe a treat on the way out make her feel better.

David is meeting the new Sgt. today from Rockwall. Him and Billy (the other trooper who is transferring) are meeting Sgt for lunch in Rockwall and I am not invited, bummer! oh well!

That's all the updates. I hope everyone has a great day, stay out of trouble and keep warm!

Love you all,

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