October 22, 2007

Weight Loss Progress!

Some of you have asked me about my weight loss program. Thanks to all who check in!

I have started running and doing light exercising exactly 2 weeks ago. David and I have been running at night 1 to 2 miles a night depending on mood and weather...
I am happy to announce that as of this morning I have lost exactly 2 lb. Clearly I am taking a slow pace to weight loss but nonetheless it is healthy way to loose it.
I am OK with loosing 5 lb in a month, rapid weight loss does not appeal to me.

Dave and I eat very healthy and are very conscious to food labels and to the ingridents we us but we even stepped that up a notch as Dave's cholesterol check was not the best (but it was not the worst either).

So, the point I was making...now with the cold weather here, it will be harder for me to run outside, I may have to do my running at the gym to help myself in not going lazy completely, I will be running with 1.5lb weights and I got a jump rope. Ha!
Will let you know on my progress later!


Laura said...

I'm so glad you're working out again! That's good news! Keep it up, you can do it!!! :D