October 21, 2007


Had a fabulous weekend this week.
Friday night was busy because that is chores night...grocery shopping, laundry and etc....

Saturday however was much more fun! I went to work, YUK! Came home and decided to take a baby nap which turned into 2 hrs and then we dashed to see my sistes beautiful new house which is almost done. It is a giant castle, and the inside is even more beautiful. It is done in beautiful warm colors and is very fancy. She will soon be moving!
Then we went to her house for a bit to chill... We had chinese for dinner (which hit the spot) and had cherry beer which was also good. Then we went home around 11:30 or so....fun!

The Sunday we woke up to watch Tallatega Nights and my sisters, baby, Philippe and my granny joined us. We had a nice visit and then they went home b/c baby was getting tired but nonetheless, it was a super visit!

Dave went to the Cowboys game today and I am not doing much of anything. I do work today but it's later on in the day, I still got a couple of hours until torture time!

Anyway, Just wanted to give you guys an update on my great weekend!
Love you all,

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Laura said...

Talladega nights is hilarious!
I'm happy you had a fun weekend!!! :)