October 19, 2007

The Dog!

It was time to bathe the dog. I turned the water on and went to go get Beans. I look in the living room, not there! I look in the bedrooms, not there! Kitchen, not there! Bathrooms, no there! I start to panick a little bit since Dave has been in and out of the house moving and cleaning the garage that the thought in my head was...."OMG, she may have run outside unsupervised and so on and so on!"

So the water is still running...No Beans, no sign of Beans at all! I got outside and freak out on Dave about Beans not being in the house and I told him that I was trying to give her her weekly bath......

Next thing I know here comes Beans! Standing next to the glass door gloating and probably doggie laughing at me! This dog has gotten so good at figuring out that once the bath water starts running in the master bath....well....nothing goods comes out of it so she bolts and hides. I still have not figured out her hiding spot but not to worry, I am on to her now!

After the bath, she was cranky and avoided me at any cost. But once she was dry, she forgot about our mishap and came to me...to only find out she is getting her "toe" nails clipped and her ears cleaned! Ha! Success! Now the dog is mad at me!