October 17, 2007


Today has been busy. I had to go to Carthage, TX today (about half hour from Shreveport) to see a client for a 15 min meeting, but it was worth it....
After spending 9am to 5pm in the car, I am now back home.

Well, it's hump day, and that means dinner at Monica's and Mark's. Tonight was sausage night with mac n cheese and steamed green beans. It was Yummy! We watched the 3rd episode of Pushing Daisies (BTW Laura, this one was good). Then we played with Monica's newest addition to the family, a blue heeler, 9 month old Daisy. So cute!

Then off we went home because I am beat tired!

On a more upbeat note, Monica's dad got us tickets to see The Nutcracker performed by the Moscow Ballet (world famous, 1st class show), we are going on Nov 16 and I feel like it can't get here sooner....Darn! I shall start my count down soon...

Well, I better go and start doing some work....There is a check book to be balanced and laundry to be ironed.....what a girl to do..... :)


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Laura said...

if this is the nutcracker i think you're talking about....YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT!!!! this ballet is fabulous through the roof! i went last year and had front row seats....oh wow!!! YAY for you and Monica!!!