October 02, 2007

Doctor's Visit!

Dave went to the doc today for a physical.....
Hmmmm......high blood pressure already! He is on several medications right now like Mucinex and allergy medicine and that could be a possible contributor to the elevated blood pressure but the doc told him to monitor the blood pressure for 2 weeks and he will make a decision whether or not to be put on low dosage blood pressure meds....he also had a severe ear infection from the trip and hence why's he's been feeling under the weather! But, anti-biotics and a shot will do the trick!

Blood work will be back tomorrow! Just thought I would give everyone an update since I've been bad and slowly lately!

Love you all,


Laura said...

I hope he feels better soon! I'll be praying for him! How are you feeling?


Dave, don't get sick on me!