October 03, 2007

Busy Bee! That's Me!

I've been busy since Saturday night when we got back. Sat night was consumed by laundry and ironing and picking up the house a bit. Sunday we relaxed and finally got some groceries in our fridge and Monday was the day to go back to work.

I've been catching up on work the best I could but I still feel as though I am behind. Sales are doing well and I am thankful for it but busy busy busy...

Tonight I am going to take some time and visit Monica and Mark for dinner and a premier of Pushing Daisies...I am excited about the new show...BTW, for those of you who watch "House" I was disappointed with the new season. Bummer!

Monica is making Mexican food tonight and Dave will join us on his dinner break.

My mom came and visited us yest which was very nice of her. It was relaxing to sit and have dinner together and catch up on news and gossip...well, folks, that is it!


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