October 06, 2007

Spiders, Spiders & More Spiders!

(Dave and I at Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" at Grand Turk & Caicos. It is a restaurant and a trading post.

So, months ago by without me seeing a spider but today was full of spiders. Why you ask? Is it Halloween already? NO!

This morning I had to kill a big, juicy spider in our master shower. First I sprayed mildew cleaner on him and then when he was done wiggling and dying and all, I flushed him down the drain.

Then off to work I went. Towards the very end, one of the cleaning ladies started screaming and I ran to her to find a big hairy spider near the front door of the gym and it was a size of a mini box of raisins. HUGE! You could see individual hairs on that sucker. It was solid black, so it appeared to me! I grabbed a broom from her hand and I wacked him! WHACK! The spider continued to wiggle and was probably cursing me! So, I whacked him again! WHACK! All of a sudden white juice poured out of him...He looked dead! Now the cleaning lady came down a bit.

So I go home...Going home to meet with a guy who bought our old porcelain top vanity and base off CraigsList. We sold the vanity and decided while we were already in the garage to go ahead and clean it a bit and sweep it and get rid of spider webs and spiders in the corners...why did I decide to do this? why?
In the corners of the garage there were many spider webs, as I imagined, with big spiders on them. Some spider webs had easily 2 or 3 spiders on it. So Dave pulled out our handy-dandy shop vac and vacuumed them in. Thank God I did not have to do that because there was probably at least 15-20 spiders in that vacuum. I know I won't be cleaning out the vacuum any time soon.

With that being said, I think this was my preparation for Holloween.

On another note, this weekend has been busy. Friday night consisted of house cleaning and laundry. Tonight (Sat) consists of floor mopping/vaccuming and ironing and tomorrow night I will attempt to do some yard work. Bushes need a hair cut and the weeds are back!


Laura said...

eeewww.....what an icky experience...:s
I have a mouse roaming around in my kitchen...disgusting...OH YEAH!!!

Nadya said...

Looks like a bad experience....


itsy bitsy spider... was that the one you killed?
down came the rain, but the spider was not there any more :-)

hey I went through all of the baby clothes this morning!
we don't need any t-shirts for next summer, but need shorts
At least I know now what we have and what we don't have