October 08, 2007

Fat Beans!

(Me at the Miami Seaquarium at the crocodile section)

Howdy All

Today has been a slow day at work...Apparantely it's Columbus Day and noone told me...So I kept on calling my clients and not being able to find them. haha! The joke is on ME!

I went to visit a client today to pick something up but got busy and hectic that I forgot to pick up the router that I came for...Once again the joke is on ME!

Got home, Dave and I ate leftovers for dinner in an attempt to clean out the fridge, in which we succeeded. Then we went running together...me and dave and beans...
All 3 of us need the work out and to loose weight or get into better shape. Dave is working on his cholesterol and blood pressure, i am working on my midsection and Beans is working on all her body parts that have become all to round.

But, Beans had a good time with the neighbors dog Chico. they played together and chased each other followed by a butt sniffing session. Then we went to our neighbors house Jaime, because her bday is tomorrow. She got a beautiful bling bling ring on her finger for her present. Mike did very well!

That is all, I shall go continue reading my book, I just wanted to update everyone on our progress.

Love you all

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poor poor Beans! I think her midsection is fine :-)