October 01, 2007


Oh What fun that trip was. We left on friday morning and went to Miami where we had an awesome room downtown Miami. We could see our Carnival ship from our top story room...It was awesome...That night we went strolling to the Bayside Marketplace to check out the scenary and the shops...Here are a few shots from there...

The next day we went to the Miami Seaquarium which was loads of fun...We got to see a dolphin show, manatees, iguanas, parrots, sharks and sea lions...

Then we dashed to get our bags from the hotel and get on the ship...The Triumph (Carnival)

After getting on the boat, we realaxed, made new friends and celebrated our 1st anniversary!

We spent our anniversary in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (Population 35)

The next stop was in St. Thomas.....Unfortunately our under water pictures were not developed yet but I can share these with you..In St. Thomas we SNOOBAd and also snorkled.

Then we were off to Puerto Rico where we rode horses through a Rain Forest.

It rains 4 times in Puerto Rico a day...An Average rain fall is 250 inches/yr and each rain session in the Rain forest lasts around 20 minutes.

Our Last stop was in Grand Turk and Caicos Islands. Grand Turk is a type of a cactus and Caicos means "series of islands"

That's basically the rundown of our vacation. We took about 600 pictures (not including underwater) and I will be creating a snapfish album on Wednesday...Stay Tune!


Laura said...

I'm glad you guys had a great time!!! Great pictures!!!

Monyka said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! I agree with Laura, lots of great pictures!


hey sounds like fun!
nice nice nice
great coverage of the trip
gorgeous pics!

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