January 11, 2008


Thought I would drop a quick note and update everyone!

Last night I spent lounging around a bit, did some bill paying,
laundry doing and just plain did nothing. Dave went to help Philippe
move a TV from their Allen house to granny's apartment.

BTW, Dave had to drop me off at work yest, because I was getting a rental.
Let's just say I had to come to work in a cop car.. Fun!
I felt like a criminal.

Speaking of my wonderful rental. It is questionable. Besides the fact that it smells like cigarettes to the point of not return, it is also a PT Cruiser. Never in my life I thought I would be driving one of those. Not to mention, it is Electric Blue color! Anyway, I am just thankful that I got a car!
This weekend, we are settling insurance, hopefully!

That is all!
I hope everyone is doing well!




How does it drive? Is it pretty good?

Olga Foster said...

no, it is a piece of s**t!

Mary Lou said...

I am laughing out loud and there is no one to join me. A PT Cruiser? Let me picture this. Yep, it's still funny. I hate those cars! Nope, wouldn't have imagined you be driving one of them. But it is 4 wheels and a motor for while. :)