January 29, 2008

Movie Reviews!

So, life pretty much has been insance for the last week and a half. Dave and I took some time out and went to the movies last night. We were both excited to see Meet the Spartans and boy, were we disappointed. In the first 10 min of the movie, we have mutually got up and walked out. That is the most horrible, un-funny, movie ever made. So, we snuck into a different movie, Mad Money and surprisingly it was good. I recommend it.

All seems to be doing well. I got the house cleaned last weekend, which was highly neglected, My mom had a bit of a get together at home the day before her bday, that was fun and I also took a painting class Saturday.
Sunday we met up with Monyka and Ryan at Braums in Mesquite and caught up on our news, gossips, etc.....

Well, it seems to be 5:35 am, and therefore I really need to get ready and hit the road, I hope everyone is having a good week.



you have to be there early!!!
i heard the news about Vegas!
call me??? Let me know, I want the news too

JoAnn said...

Hey Girl! Life sounds busy! Whatcha doing this weekend?


my car is going to be OK, the damage is mostly cosmetic
I am feeling better too