May 27, 2008

Great Weekend!

Busy but great weekend!

To make the story short...I really got to rest which was very needed. I was starting to turn into Grumpy Grumperson b/c of lack of sleep.

I took the time to clean the house well and catch up on laundry and spending time with my 5 animals.

David and I also purchased a brand new door for the front of the house. It is "Texas" inspired. David installed the door with little issues (except for having to move the hinges) but, the best part of all is that we now have installed an electronic keypad for the door which allows us keyless entry...that my friends is just plain cool!

Rusty went to the vet Sat morning and he was so brave and so good. The vet just loved him and people stood in line to smell his puppy breath.

That is all! Getting back to work, I just wanted to post a quick post and let people know that we are doing well!

Love you all,


Laura Mariana said...

you guys are just so cool! :D A cool door for cool people...:D It's also good to hear you got some much needed rest! I went to work all peppy (no coffee involved, either) and stuff cause I slept all weekend...really I did.

Nadia said...

I like your new door a lot !
Very good !


nice job on e door, like it