November 04, 2007

Busy Bees!


This weekend was relaxing but stressful in it's own ways.

Friday night I did a "speedy gonzalez" grocery shopping trip....25 minutes...and then Dave and I were off to the movies to see the Bee Movie, which by the way is excellent and clean with many adult punch lines....I highly reccomend it.

Saturday I went to work and began the official studying of the GMAT Quantitavie Portion of the test. I am working through algebra mostly this weekend and by the weeks end I plan to move on to Statistics. I also managed to clean my house on Saturday...whoopee for me!

Sunday has been good to us...I've bee studying this morning and playing with kittens off and on and Dave has been enjoying his day off. I do work today but I again will spend the day studying my math....
Dinner will be more relaxing...Dave is slapping a couple of steaks on the grill and off I go to bed. That's it....

Here are some pictures of my dear cat Elvis....


Laura said...

Great pictures!!!! I need to be studying too...I am so rusty on my math, heehee.
Enjoy your Sunday!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, get him off that scrapbook!! :)

I'm am sending this from my new laptop and high speed internet. I didn't know some of these websites had sound. Dial-up just doesn't get all that loaded. I am going to love this.

see you soon,
Mary Lou