November 06, 2007


Hello to All,

Just wanted to ask people to keep my mom in their prayers today. Her health has not been the best this year and she's been under the weather again here in the last couple of days. Dave and I paid her a visit yesterday and cheered her up.

On a happy note...My dad's remodeling project has been going great. He got the wood floors down and is working on the trim....He is making super progress because he is working by himself with no help. The walls and ceilings are painted and the house looks fresh once again.

My sister is moving next week and she closes on her house this week. I am excited for her.

I am still studying for my test (GMAT). I got an email from an advisor today telling me the curriculum consists of 45 hrs and dissertation and 3 comprehensive exams.
One in my major, one in the minor and one over the dissertation.

That is it folks,

Love you all,

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Laura said...

I hope your mommy is feeling better!