August 22, 2010

Doctor update

I took Ben to the doctor and he is doing GREEEAT!

Here are some stats...

Weight is 21 lb (45%)
Height: 28 inches, grew by 2 inches since last Dr visit with teething (3 weeks ago) (25%)
Head: 18 inches (45%)

Doing great!

We are going to begin introducing cow milk in a week or so. We do have orders to get off the bottle by 1 and to move on to cow mil by 1 years old. Yippe!

Ben is doing great eating everything under the sun. There are only few things that the Dr does not want to us to eat just yet: Peanuts, Seafood, Grapes, Eggs, Hotdogs and limited sugar (very limited).

Today for lunch we are going to have grilled cheese sandwich and some veggies.

That's it!



nice! so he is very smart with that head size!!! :))) cute cute cute boy!
ps would you consider organic milk please?

Nadia Yeremenko said...

Прекрасно ! Дай вам Бог всего хорошего во всем !