February 09, 2008


It has been a very productive Saturday and the good thing is that it is not yet over.

Got up at 8 and ran over to Rockwall and changed my car out from a Pot Cruiser to an 08 Impala...It's a bit better and now I don't have to smell like drugs when I come to work.

Dave and I made some much needed improvements in the garage that we talked about doing a while but never had the time or the will. We picked up some shelving units for our garage and are starting to assemble them and put things away (in a nice manner). The floors are starting to look really nice and things are literally disappearing. We love it.

I too was productive. I made vegetable/chicken soup this morning, baked some bread, did all laundry and ironed clothes....Ha and it is barely 4pm. Go Me!
Now the dirty house keeps staring at me saying, "Olga, please clean me"!

I will update you later on the progress! :)

Love you all,



How do you like IMpala?
I have my car back. Sasha pics are up now, go and check them out

Nadia said...

I see...