February 16, 2008

Sucky Weather!

I thought I would be able to enjoy outside this weekend but clearly not...That just reminds me that I have plenty of "work" work to do this weekend and should just get over it...

Dave went to work this morning and I started to clean the house...The typical Saturday chores of house cleaning, laundry, ironing and etc.

Tonight Monica and I are having a spa night at my house. She is inviting her kiddos from her class and their moms for a night out, it should be a ton of fun, i can't wait. Sunday will be very busy with work. I am learning a ton of information daily and it is difficult to retain these enormous amounts of info without having to work hard on it. :( But the job is awesome and I can't complain.

Sunday is also the official 'tax' day. I ran the numbers through Turbo Tax once but Sunday I will officially complete the paper work and e-file. Looking forward to not only my return but also my Mr. Bush is boosting the economy check.

Monday I will be heading over to my sister's for a dental appointment, just a routine check up....If it is time for you to get your teeth cleaned, be sure to call my sister! :)

That is it...Back to the house chores....Big Fun!

Love you all,

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thats right, be sure to call me!
I am at work now! It is raining, and the weather is so gloomy
I am missing my baby .....