February 26, 2008

If anyone......

If anyone knows anything about VoIP over MPLS, hit me back or I am fixing to loose my mind.....



ha? what area is that in?


MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance Interoperability Testing to Demonstrate VoIP over MPLS Networks
FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 2, 2004--
Alliance Teams with MSF for Live, Multi-Vendor Demonstration at SUPERCOMM
The MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance announced today that its member companies will begin interoperability testing next week at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL). The results of the hot-stage event will be showcased as part of the Alliance's SUPERDemo at SUPERCOMM in Chicago, June 22-24. The event marks the first time that the MPLS & FR Alliance joins forces with the Multiservice Switching Forum (MSF) to publicly demonstrate how guaranteed voice quality can be offered over a resilient and verifiable MPLS network.

At the event, participating equipment manufacturers will test Voice over IP streams running over a QoS-enabled, hierarchical Virtual Private LAN Service (H-VPLS) across a resilient MPLS core network. During the event, new MPLS features such as LSP Ping and TraceRoute will be tested for the first time. Testing these features is critical as it helps simplify data plane failure detection and isolation processes during MPLS network operations.

"Testing Voice over IP traffic running over a hierarchical VPLS network is a big challenge, and very exciting for the industry," said Ananda Sen Gupta of Agilent Technologies, MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance Interoperability Committee chair and Board Member. "This will prove that enterprises can use Metro MPLS networks to have VoIP connectivity across an MPLS WAN. It is also important to test LSP Ping and TraceRoute, as these features enhance the Service Provider's toolkit, to pinpoint any faults that may occur in the data plane."

About the MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance

The MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance is an international industry organization that is advancing the recognition and acceptance of MPLS and Frame Relay technologies in the global telecom industry. The Alliance is driving worldwide deployment of multi-vendor MPLS and Frame Relay networks, applications and services, through interoperability initiatives, implementation agreements, and educational and marketing resources and programs. The Alliance currently has more than 50 members. For a complete list of members, go to http://www.mplsforum.org/about/members.shtml. For Alliance membership information please contact Alexa Morris, executive director, at 510-608-5914 or via e-mail at amorris@mplsforum.org. Additional information about The MPLS & Frame Relay Alliance is available online at http://www.mplsforum.org/.


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