June 14, 2007

Where is my pool?

Had a lovely day yesterday...

Got to see my grandmother and my sister, and the Baby ofcourse! The baby is getting really big and he has got the most beautiful big blue eyes. They are literally a royal blue color. How neat!

Instead of going home after work, I went to see Dave at the station with Kelly & the kids (trooper's wife who lives a couple of streets over). She got us a giant KFC Family bucket of chicken and the trimmins. It was mighty good! Hung around the station for a while watching the kids play with the wierdest things, such as water coolers, cups and chairs...Kids are so creative!

We then went home...Before making it to the house, I went to another neighbors house to find out what happened at the Home Owners Association Meeting that I mistakenly missed. It looks like our pool (that was promised to us to be ready by June 1) will not be ready until end of August.....No offense, but isn't it kind of stupid? The swimming season will be almost over and school will already begin.....we don't really need a pool then!

They used the excuse of not being able to fill the pool with water b/c of drought.....that is a bunch of lies...... :( All they had to do was to get a permit from the city.....I am slightly disappointed, I was looking forward to having a pool this summer without having one in my backyard.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is having a great day!

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