June 20, 2007


Had a great day yesterday. Celebrated Dave's B-Day by trying out a new Chinese Place in Mesquite... We are saving all the celebratin' and the partyin' for Saturday when we have more time!

Several of you asked me about the dogs and the cat...Both Beans and Sam are doing great but surprisingly as laid back as my cat is, he is not thrilled about having Sam around... Right now there is a lot of hissing and fighting going on and Elvis is staying in the mother-in-law suite and Sam is roaming the house with Beans....They (dogs) start to play around bed time, there is alot of chasing going on...Sam is a great dog and he is definately affectionate...If you are sitting on the couch, he wants to sit with you and put his head on your lap and he loves his belly rubs, just like Beans... The difficult part is making sure Beans still gets the same amount of attention as always because she will always be my #1.

Tonight, both dogs will get a bath. Beans loves her baths but not sure about Sam, we are going to attempt the hose in the backyard scenario and just cross our fingers.

David is doing great...He is now the big 25! He went to Crandall today to speak to a middle school about his job and to show them the car...How exciting!

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sarah said...

Where's those pics of the new pup?

Take care!