June 07, 2007

A lovely Dinner!

Had a lovely evening with friends Monica and Mark last night....
David and I were invited to have dinner with them and we got to check out
their new home! Which is fabulous!

Monica made us some meatloaf which was outstanding.......and Dave got to take
an hour lunch break and come eat it with us, but his trip to Monica's was short lived,
he went back before all the fun started....

I got to meet the coolest dogs ever.... See pictures... Playful yet very trained dogs...
and did I mention they are the most lovable things ever...

I got home to only be met by Beans and her very keen sense of smell....she would not
let me out of her sight for the rest of the night.....needless to say I felt a cold nose all over
my body yesterday...i think she smelled and inspected justs about every inch...she then got tired and went to bed, next to me!

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