June 26, 2007

and now i am sick.....

Yep, I think I have a cold! :(

I barely made it through work yesterday and when I got home, I felt even worse..between body aches and migranes...well....needless to say I was not in one of my best moods! I went to sleep around 7:30pm and woke up around 6:30am...Yes people, that is a lot of sleep that did not even help me any! I still feel like I have a cold..YUK!

On a lighter note...all seems to be well...Dave is doing well. Right now he is taking a 4 day long class in Fort Worth (for work)....and he has one more class to attend in July that is in Austin. This one will last 2 weeks long.

My fathers bday was yestereday! Happy Birthday to him again!

My dogs are doing great! Sam and Beans have adjusted to one another and are doing well, however, Elvis the cat wants to have nothing to do with Sam the dog.....we are working on that right now!

have a blessed day everyone!
Olga Foster

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Laura said...

Get some rest...you need more rest...;0) I hope you feel better soon!