June 22, 2007

Oy! so tired!

Sooooooooooo tired today!

6 hours of sleep don't exactly give me beauty rest or spark up my mood..I am as groggy as they come today! Well, the bathroom is 90% finished. Carlos was so kind to come last night again to put up crown molding in the bathroom...Ultimately, all that is left is to caulk a few areas, paint the crown molding where the nails show, scrub the bathtub and to decorate the bathroom a bit....I am so glad this is almost done....Home remodeling projects are not only tiring, but they are really confusing and frusturating when you have never done them.

But, Carlos was not the only person who helped us out yesterday..Dave's dad came over yest and spend the majority of the day working on plumbing in the bathroom, hanging mirror and medicine cabinet and helping with various home projects that I hung over Dave's head in the last few months....A big thanks to him as well! :)

Saturday's party is coming along well. I will be going to the store to get the necessities....food!
After I clean the house tonight and bathe the dogs, I think I will be mostly done and probably in a better mood! :)

For those of you who are coming to the house this weekend, I promise that we will mowe our yard b/c if we don't, you might not be able to find the house! J/K.....

Have a wonderful day everyone, Remember it is a Friday and weekend is only a day away!

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