June 21, 2007

A walk to remember.......for Sam!

Had a great evening last night. After work, David and I picked up the vanity from Lowes and all the pertinent accessories such as crown molding, baseboards and siding....Very exciting...We finished painting and we brought in the vanity. It looks beautiful! Dave has done so much yesterday! Stanley (my father in law) is coming today to help Dave out with plumbing and general help!

On a different note, Sam had his first walk yesterday. We went over to Jody's to sit out in front of their garage. We sat around with Jaime, Mike, Kelly, Jody and the kiddos for about a couple of hours....We had 3 kiddos running around us and 5 dogs (Jasmine, Winston (the gay boston terrier), Beans, Sam and Mr. Miagi who has no beginning or end. It is so funny to watch the dogs interact but Sam was a good dog, he was calm and interactive with other doggies...He did get upset with Winston a few times b/c Winston took a particular liking to his new male friend Sam! :) We have come to a conclusion that Winston deserves a rainbow collar! :)

Monica came and joined us for a while so we went back home to sit out in our backyard... yay for fun! Monica gave Dave and the other 2 troopers that went to Crandall ISD yesterday, a framed pictures of them with the kiddos...So sweet!

That is about it folks! I am out of news! Maybe some more juice tomorrow! Have a wonderful day!


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