June 28, 2007

hmmmmmm.....i could have spent all my money today, but i didn't and that my friends is some will power!

Well, I had somewhat of an eventful day! In one day I went from Forney to Rockwall to Arlington to Grand Prairie to Highland Park to Dallas and
then back to Rockwall and then back to Forney. Needless to say I do not feel like driving anymore! I went into a Chanel store today to poke around, and I mean poke around. So I was waiting on a client and it was in the Highland Park Village! Enuff said! Did I mention I did all that driving in pouring down rain? :)

I am actually looking forward to this weekend, maybe I can get a little bit of sleep that is not interrupted....I have not been sleeping well lateley either because of restless dogs or cat or my virus is still here, and that wakes me up from time to time.

Other than that, all is well. City of Forney has lifted the water restrictions to a degree. We can now water 2 days a week and use a hose to wash our cars....Oh yes, I just remembered, that is what I need to do this weekend....
1)wash car or cars
2)clean inside of car or cars
3)wash big dog, if he lets me....

I bathed Beans last night and she just sat there, she loves warm water, that dog is crazy....she even let me clean her ears with QTips... Sam, however thinks that rain water is the same as taking a bath...Boy, he is about to get a taste of reality!

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