September 03, 2010

Play Time

As many of you of Ben's many talents is his ability to play by himself. I think he enjoys that time actually because at school he has to share his home, well the only competition is mom and dad! LOL!

Ben spent about an hour the other day just playing on the living room floor with his many hand-me-downs! Fun Fun Fun!

BTW, today Ben waived for the first time after his teacher asked him to waive to her at the end of the day and what do you know? He actually did it!


Nadia Yeremenko said...

Ты мой хорошенький, да ты у нас такой хороший мальчик, все девчонки помрут от счастья скоро...


Ben is the cutest thing. Love it. More toys are coming soon his way, I am sure of it. He is so beautiful, Olga.

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