July 31, 2007

Another Uneventful Night

Well Well Well...what can one say when they did not get enough sleep?
Yep that is me...7 hours did not do the trick...my body is still so tired..I am sure a lot of it has to do with the weather...this very rotten weather.

Dave is still in Austin. He took his test #1 out of 3 but it will be a month to find out if he even passed the first one...if he fails any one of these, he will need to retake the class..Sadly, several troopers from Dave's station have failed this training and exams and so obviously it is not an easy exam...Please pray for Dave!

I accidentaly locked Elvis in the master bath last night and I paid the price of that this morning...The toilet paper was all over the bathroom, bathtub, shower, counters and the closet...yes...he had fun last night at my expense! Beans, however, was a good girl, she slept on my chest majority of the night and then relocated herself to the top of my head! :)

I went to the gym last night where i was punched by a kid...I won't go into that but let's just say there is a red ring/bruise on my left cheek bone! That darn kid!

Well, stay out of trouble,
Love you all,

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Elvis - such a good kittie