July 06, 2007


YES EVERYONE, I am super excited. My desk from Ashleys will be here monday and it is one week early! Everyone knows how much I do not like Ashleys Furniture but now they have officially moved up a notch in my book....TO NOTCH #1! I am just kidding!

I bought some decorations for it yesterday...I am going to stay with a brown/maroon/horse design around the desk. All of the bookstops that I purchased are horse shaped! Really neat! Pictures to come later! I know, I still owe you guys the bathroom pictures. :(

Also, I was very productive at lunch and I have finished and printed out all the invites for my friend John & Sharla's shower...I thought I was going to run into a problem with the invites but the printer cooperated and all was well...Maybe it's because I threatened the printer's life a few times in the process! Not sure!

On a sad note...I am trying to figure out what is going on with my hibiscus tree. The leaves are turning yellow daily and the tree is beginning to thin. I spend numerous hours on line researching but the research on these finniky trees is limited...all i could find is that I am either overwatering or underwatering...Oh Lord...I am watering it exactly as the instructions stated and it is getting adequate lighting......So in hopes of miracles, I put it out in the backyard, maybe the birds can knock some sense into that tree!

Well, I need to clean my desk, so happy Friday everyone!

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Aleksandra said...

Do these trees like acidic soil? Search on that, if yes, you may need to buy a supplement at the store.