July 08, 2007

Sunday was busy! Great but busy!

We went to Red Lobster for lunch today! It was great (courtesy of one of dave's b-day gifts) and then we dashed over to my grandmothers to see her for a few minutes and to drop off a few things for her! so we thought this was going to be a short trip....we were wrong.....We sat in traffic on 635 for about an hour and maybe a bit more...finally we got home after 3pm...then Dave went to work at 4....

I spent the rest of the day cleaning the house, vacuuming the couch for pet hairs, bathing the dog and etc etc etc....

On a lighter and more exciting note....My parents have purchased new furniture for their living and bedrooms..How exciting! Although I have not seen it, I am sure they picked out some terrific furniture! Speaking of furniture, our desk will be arriving tomorrow....and the office is not ready for its new addition...I guess I will just need to work on that tomorrow!

It is time to quit for the day, Good night all!

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