July 22, 2007

WELL....Dave has left... Billy picked him up at 4:30! :(

I am staying busy with house cleaning and TV watching right now! Beans and I are having a good time, just the two of us girls....Oh yes, the three of us really...
Mimi, Laura's cat is here too, but she is hiding right now!

I went to my mom's house today and brought back an arm chair from their house! It is blue with brown flower designs on it, we have not decided as to where we are going to put it, but for now it is going to reside in the office.

Their house progress is really coming along...the wood floors are looking good although there is still much work to do...They are hoping to be done in a couple of months....

It does not help that my dad has got way too much work to do with his jobs...Apparently he's got giant orders to fulfill and he is not able to give much time to the remodeling...but...he has been doing well in finding a good balance!

We went and saw "I know pronounce you Chuck & Larry" and it was good. It is an Adam Sandler movie and although it was very funny, it is not the usual Adam Sandler humor...The movie was a blast with a few twists...Many very funny parts! So, if you are an Adam Sandler lover, you should check it out...It is worth a try!


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I wish I could go and see that movie, I want to see the spider pig-pig too
but I have Sasha :-)
who wants to babysit?
Hope Dave writes and posts to is from far-far away,
better progress on the house
Oh, you are so clean, come clean my house