March 07, 2008

No Ice

So, no adventures….I bailed work at 2pm yesterday because Las Colinas was getting nasty. It was raining ice and snowing all at the same time.
I got home and continued to work….then I was having VPN connection problems so that took like 2 hrs to fix. After going back and forth with the
IT dept (which was awesome) I got it fixed and I was up and running. Dave however, was working a part time at Victory Park and had to leave the
House and drive into the nasty weather while I was at home getting toasty. He got there OK and got back home OK.

This morning I worked from home until 9 and then went to work for 10:30…No ice, no traffic, no wet roads….no adventures and that is how I like it.

Tonight is a big night! Our friends are roasting an entire pig. That will be fun to see and eat! So it is party time for us!

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take pics of the fun event, I want to see them!
are you free this weekend?