March 13, 2008


Ha! For those of you who know me, know that I am a 'planning' freak. My life is run by a schedule and sadly, I prefer it that way.
Tonight we started to plan our Las Vegas Vacation. We have narrowed down a few things but the only one which stands certain is the Hoover Dam Trip (all day). Obviously we'll be doing all the regular stuff....ghandala rides, fountains, indoor roller coaster, wax museum. Dave is thinking about doing a guided fishing trip on Lake Meade while I am working. So....plans are coming along well, and I have allowed myself 1 month to get all details in a row and print out my personal itenerary.

Not much is happening at the Foster household. I have been in 3 day training which was not only very benefecial to my learning of NEC product lines but also to meet new people who came down for this training from all over the country...Our las colinas office is our American HeadQuarters office.

I will begin to carpool 4 days a week with my friend Kristina...Which will help with gas and sanity....:)

That is all,
To all a good night, I am pooped!




wow, I thought I was a planning freak, but you ARE

I think I am normal now :) LOVE you

Nadia said...

Take me with you , please !