March 18, 2008

Will this rain stop?

Way too much rain has fallen in the last two days. Many of the FM roads and bridges have been closed in our county b/c the wateris too high or the water has come and covered the bridges. Fortunately it did not affect my drive to or from work.

All is well in the Foster household. David was kind enough to make me dinner before he went to his side job at Victory Park. He made me mashed potatoes and meatballs, very yummy.

I am picking up some slack around house tonight. I am working on laundry and ironing. Some of the rooms need to be mopped so I am fixing to go and work my life away. here are a few pictures from the Arboretum from 2 weeks ago. Enjoy. I love the picture of my sister b/c it looks like her head is growing out of the bush. Funny!