July 10, 2008


I have not posted any pictures from David's birthday but I will try to today.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came and all the wonderful gifts David Received. You guys should not have! Everyone was so generous and nice that I wanted to post what David ended up doing with some of his bday money, since everyone pitched in.

Well, for starters.....We were able to purchase a wireless router for the house so we would have wireless internet and also purchased a wireless card for David's XBox 360 so David does not have to drag the ethernet cord across the house anymore.

David also got 2 pairs of Polo Shorts and a golf shirt from Khols and he even bought me a few things for our vacation (dress/shorts/shirts). That was sweet of him.

My sisters gave David a gift card to Levi's Outlet in Terrell so David bought 2 pairs of slacks, t shirt and a golf shirt. So David's got more clothes than me now. :)

I will attach some pictures to this blog later where you can see what other great gifts Dave got and how much fun we had.


Laura said...

Wow, those are very nice gifts! I'm glad he enjoyed them!


:-) birthdays are cool
I want to see pics
don't go to sleep w/o giving me pics
and take pics of all Dave's new clothes


I did post an update for you and thank you for checking on me
I want to see pics though
I wish you could come and see us