August 06, 2008

Another useful link

Well, I just wanted to spread the joy around.

All of you know what a great fan I am of Craiglist and Ebay but now there is another great link you can use to find all kinds of great stuff.

This was featured on the news. WWW.FREECYCLE.ORG. This link is broken down by counties, buty you can be a member of multiple counties. Basically this site does not sell anything, what you do is post items you no longer want and the "readers" will contact you based on whether or not they need it. Also, you maybe looking for something for free as well....ex: fish, scraps of plywood, paintbrushes and etc....

All of these items are used and someone is simply no longer needs them or are trying to clear out their own clutter. Remember, none of these things cost any money.

Great thing about this, is that it keeps "junk" out of landfills by allowing someone else "pro-long" that items life span.

This morning I was able to find cross stitching kits and supplies from a lady who does not want them, who lives around the corner from me.

Anyway, you should give it a try. You can find anything on there for free...from children's bicycles to clean/fill dirt to pets and car parts. :)



cool look for toys for us :)


can you send me the link ? I went to but got something strange instead
thank you


found it, its

Laura said...

cool! btw, I have some stitching stuff I've been meaning to give you for a looooooooooong time, but me so forgetful. lol.
have a happy weekend!