October 13, 2008

Another Vacation

Well, another vacation is in the plans. I will be heading to Denver for work in late November and luckily the same weekend that I will be in Denver is David's long weekend. So, we decided to make it a nice getaway from Dallas and busy work.

We are heading to Denver for Thursday, Nov 14th. I will be working all day Friday and Friday afternoon we will be heading to Breckenridge for Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday and heading home late Sunday night.

Dave has never been skiing or snowboarding so it will be a first and exciting time for him. I will try to teach him but will probably end up just getting an instructor for him so they can teach him all the proper things.

Breckenridge is a beautiful resort town and I personally never skiied in Colorado so, I am also thrilled to venture out on new territories.

Yay, only 1 more month to go!


Nadia Yeremenko said...

Great !


wow thats cool. I have never been there. We visited Aspen and Vail in Colorado. Cant wait to see your feedback. Love