October 18, 2008

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 2008

Yep. Got up at 5am and made it NorthPark this moring by 6:45.

30,000 people showed up to the Race for the Cure. 20,000+ ran/walked.
Great event overall. However, when I crossed the finish line, the final clock was blocked so I did not get to see my time. However, times should be posted on the website in a bit and I will update. I know for a fact that I beat my all time record. I also know that it was not a 5K we ran, it was almost a 6K so obviosly it will have an effect on my overall time and rank.


Stay tuned


Laura said...

That's awesome! Keep us posted on your time? Did you see people with Duck visors or with duck whistles by any chance? :) I ask b/c Richland had a big team going today. They were Richland Thunderducks (quack, quack, lol!)

You look great, girl! Heeeey! :)


Look at you! Good girl you are, I am proud of you my darling sister!


you are inspiring me to start running

Olga said...

I am glad I get to inspire you. I hope that one day we can do a race together! I would love that! I am doing another one at Texas Motor Speedway on Nov 8th. Please come if you can. it is a timed 5K.

Nadia Yeremenko said...