February 22, 2009

Country Boy Gold Mine (Breckenridge)

We visited this really neat place called Country Boy Gold Mine in Summit county (Breckenridge). It is the most plentiful and original gold mines in Colorado. We got to experience the true day to day life of a gold mine worker and the history behind it. Here is a little excerpt from their website. Enjoy the pictures.

The Country Boy Mine, founded in 1887, is one of the oldest and most famous mines in Summit County, Colorado. Early in its over 100 year history, The Country Boy Mine was known for its gold and silver production and later earned national fame by producing large quantities of high grade lead and zinc for use in World War I and World War II.

Mining was and still is an integral part of Colorado's and our nation's history. The valuable ore brought out of the Country Boy Mine and the hundreds of other mines in the area played a significant role in shaping the West and bringing prosperity to the U.S. With the rapid deterioration and disappearance of historic mines in Colorado, The Country Boy Mine plays an important role in preserving Colorado's mining history and serves to share with people the rich history of this most remarkable past.

In 1991, the Tomlinson Brothers, Doug and David, along with their wives Betsy and Andrea conceived the dream of restoring the collapsed mine and mine site into a historical venue. As was true in the 1800's, much work and toil went into the restoration of the mine. Eight collapsed areas of the mine had to be cleared out, new timbers were installed, the blacksmith shop was restored, an office and a barn were constructed and a gift shop and museum were built.

David "panning" for gold (digging through rocks and mud out of the Blue River searching for gold). he only found pyrite. :)

All kinds of things grew on the ceiling (some were mildew some were a form of grass)



what did David find? I didnt get it. :-)
awesome historical coverage, almost made me want to mine gold.

Olga said...

he found pyrite, aka fake gold. it is very sparkly and similar to gold but not good. it is called fools gold by most people. its a pretty rock.

Anonymous said...

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