June 24, 2009


First day in Alaska was fabulous! Ketchikan is the first city ever formed in Alaska (they even have a sign to prove it). In the morning the Boys went fishing and caught nothing but the girls went on a canoe ride and a jeep ride. When we got to Harriett Hunt Lake, I ended up being the Hood Ornament on the canoe, which meant I did not have to do very much work. That is how I like my canoes. After getting inside the canoe, I realized that both of my feet were soaking wet in 6 inches of water....Brrr you think? Not at all, my mind was focused on the fun and therefore I really did not feel it. Then after crossing the lake into the forest, we checked out some scenary, had a home cooked clam chowder and smoked salmon and checked out some trees and the animals "nests".
After a hearty lunch we took off on Jeeps to the top of the mountain. It was breathtaking!

We met the Boys on the pier and took off to downtown Ketchikan looking for some gluten free lunch, furry bikinis and random hats.... haha!


Anonymous said...

Love the pink purse with the aqua slicker, what all the fashion experts recommend this summer. You just had to forget it was misting and have fun, which we did.


did you buy the swim set for me? I want to impress people at the local pool!

Nadia Yeremenko said...

Я тоже туда хочу !